Book One

The Mystery of the Whistling Caves

When Scott and Jack Carter have to stay with their great aunt for the summer they steel themselves for the most boring holiday ever. But then they meet Emily Wild and her loveable dog, Drift. Emily shows them the lighthouse, the castle - and the amazing whistling caves. Legend has it that when the caves stop whistling the castle will be attacked - and that's exactly what happens! Buy the Book Now!
Book Two

The Mystery of The Midnight Ghost

When Scott , Jack and Emily hear that a film is being made at the nearby manor house they can't resist going to watch. But when the glamorous star of the film vanishes the friends must find out if she has fallen foul of the legendary ghost that haunts the old house . . . Buy the Book Now!
Book Three

The Mystery of The Hidden Gold

A game of hide and seek in the old Castle Key lighthouse during a violent thunder storm leads to an amazing discovery - a tattered old treasure map! Scott, Jack and Emily can't wait to search for the hidden gold but first they must solve the clues to uncover its secret hiding place Buy the Book Now!
Book Four

The Mystery of The Missing Masterpiece

When thieves raid the house of a neighbour, Emily, Jack and Scott are ready to investigate. But, strangely, the neighbour doesn't seem to want the thieves to be caught! Undeterred, the friends begin to uncover the truth, but are they getting themselves into serious danger… Buy the Book Now!
Book Five

The Mystery of The Cursed Ruby

The circus is in town! Full of conjurors, clowns, tightrope walkers and trapeze. But dark secrets lurk beneath the sawdust and smiles. Secrets that might prove impossible to solve! Buy the Book Now!
Book Six

The Mystery of The Vanishing Skeleton

A string of unusual crimes hits Castle Key and the chief suspect seems to be a skeleton! Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift the dog immediately start investigating, but nothing makes sense. Will the friends finally be defeated by this mysterious culprit or can they uncover the truth…? Buy the Book Now!
Book Seven

The Mystery of the Dinosaur Discovery

When Scott, Jack and Emily stumble upon some bones in the old quarry, they're convinced they've discovered the gruesome remains of a murder victim! But the bones turn out to be much, much older than that - could they be dinosaur bones? Or are they the last earthly remains of a real dragon? Rival scientists fight to prove each other wrong, while the friends are determined to uncover the truth - with a little help from Drift the dog, of course! Buy the Book Now!
Book Eight

The Mystery of the Drowning Man

When Scott, Jack and Emily rescue a drowning man from the waves they are keen to hear his story, but their new friend can't remember his own name, let alone how he came to be stranded at sea! Who is the mystery man? Why did he come to Castle Key? And was his drowning an accident - or attempted murder? The friends are on the case - with enthusiastic assistance from Drift the dog - determined to find the truth and solve the mystery of the drowning man. Buy the Book Now!
Book Nine

The Mystery of the Smugglers Wreck

A research team arrives in Castle Key to explore the wreck of an old smugglers' ship that sank in Pirate Cove. When Scott and Emily dive down to the wreck, Scott glimpses a long lost artefact said to hold the key to a hoard of smuggled treasure. But when the team leader goes back to recover the artefact, it has mysteriously vanished! Was Scott mistaken or is somebody else after the smugglers' loot? Follow Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift on a very mysterious treasure hunt. Buy the Book Now!
Book Ten

The Mystery of the Invisible Spy

There's a new resident in Castle Key - and somebody is watching him! Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift soon suspect that the new resident is an enemy spy. It explains the bullet-proof glass in the windows of his house. And the MI5 agent who is clearly keeping tabs on him! But what is an enemy spy doing in Castle Key? Can the friends reveal his true identity? And uncover his top secret mission? Join Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift as they investigate a man so mysterious he's almost invisible! Buy the Book Now!
Book Eleven

The Mystery of the King's Ransom

When a young prince is kidnapped while on a school camping trip in Castle Key, Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift are eager to take on the case. Drift's clever nose is sure to sniff out some clues to the kidnappers - but can the friends rescue the hostage in time? Pre Order Book Now!